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Fiat: to the crypto and back

Nov 13, 2019

CZ decided to infect the world with a cryptocurrency addiction. Recently, he announced the new 180 currency pairs addition to the Binance platform. It seems the most popular cryptocurrency exchange decided to attract people by providing easy access to cryptocurrency-fiat exchanging.

This strategy will help increase the number of traders on the platform, as well as increase their own interest to BNB coin.

Since the last analysis of the BNB/USDT trading pair movement, the price hasn’t reached the goal of only $0.70. In general, quotes continue to move inside the channel, the trend of which is going up. The short-term target at 22.50 remains a priority, it is also the line of resistance of the channel.

A positive signal for future growth will be the prices consolidation in the current price range. Then traders will be able to open positions, giving impetus to the price increase.

In case of the 22.50 resistance breakdown level, the next target will be 25.00, where MA200 is now passing.

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