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FUMGO adds a chart to help to create orders

Jun 5, 2019

The chart will help FUMGO users to set Take Profit and Stop Loss as well as check the quotes movement, trading history and other relevant information.

The chart provides the main indicators for making forecasts which facilitates conducting technical analysis. In addition to basic indicators, there are also graphical tools available.

The chart is available for any exchange on FUMGO. When working with a chart, you can visualize any cryptocurrency pair.

In addition, the chart helps to set stop levels: Stop Loss and Take Profit. This allows skipping calculating the percentage. Now it is possible to simply mark the point on the chart by dragging the label to a desired price level instead.

What else does the chart on FUMGO provide?

Most other terminals and exchanges use only a widget, which allows to see the chart but not to use it. On FUMGO users can not only view the chart but also set stop levels, as well as any price parameter for creating an order.

We develop our platform and make trading more convenient. Now we are working to integrate the opportunity of quick order creation. With this feature, our users will be able to create an order directly from the chart and get a better experience using our service.

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