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Market orders on Bittrex with FUMGO!

Feb 28, 2019

Handling recent beta testing, we found lots of queries like “Can I do a market order on Bittrex?” or “How to place a market order on Bittrex?”.
So, we decided to look closely into this issue. Why a market order is so important and what’s it about?

Market order is a request to bid the best available price on the exchange at the moment of the deal which allows getting in or out of the market quickly. It is the best tool to react to strong price movements as well as the simplest type of orders. Moreover, Market order is absolutely indispensable when it comes to panic selling. Traders want to get out of a coin, with little regard to the price they sell at. This is the moment when entering the market should be as quick as possible.

Traders gain lots of advantages using market orders, so they look for an option to place it on exchanges. However, indeed you can’t do it on Bittrex. We worked it out – traders can place Market order on Bittrex via FUMGO. Just sign up on FUMGO and connect  Bittrex account.

Keep in touch as we put all efforts to optimize your trading experience and add new functions.

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