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Social Trading New Era: Make It Easy With FUMGO

Oct 31, 2019

The main “hint” of social platforms is the so-called “mirror trading”, when traders can automatically copy the pro-traders’ deals, repeating their success with minimal risk. FUMGO – social trading platform on the market that does not store user funds on the platform.

Different platforms offer many ways of user experience, but with FUMGO you will spend a minimum of time getting into successful trading. You can begin mirror trading on FUMGO with the equivalent of only $100 on your exchange account with the same coin in which your chosen trader is trading. But if you are still a newbie to take risks, this is not a problem at all! You can start copying deals on FUMGO without paying a subscription fee and connecting your account to the exchange. You just need to register on the platform, choose the virtual balance, and set up Mirror Trading for the pro-trader named “FUMGO traders”, which is run by our own analysts. You will also have absolutely free access to our information channel for traders, which is absolutely free for all platform users.

Check the benefits of FUMGO social trading platform

Learn & Earn. Social trading on FUMGO is an interesting way for you to learn about trading. Social trading allows you to follow the actions of experienced traders and then learn while watching. This is the best way to earn money during the learning process; just copy successful deals. New traders have the possibility to observe what other traders are doing, and not only learn from them, but also make the same deals. Social trading is like 2 in 1: both learning and earning at the same time.

Confidence. Knowledge is power. It allow you to make thoughtful and balanced decisions, excluding emotions. Social trading provides you access to a large amount of information from experienced traders across the world. It increases your trading skills and helps you to make confident decisions. 

Diversified portfolio. Social trading involves both access to a large amount of information and the possibility of diversifying your portfolio and your risks. As we explained earlier, traders on the platform are ranked according to different criteria. It gives you a level of security since you can evaluate the traders and choose a few different ones to follow. 

Easy to use. FUMGO has an intuitive interface, which is easy to use and simple for beginners. This makes it possible to copy deals even for those users who have never traded cryptocurrencies.

Additional income for traders. If you are an experienced and successful trader, you can get an additional income by connecting to FUMGO and sharing your deals for copying.

Social trading is a universal tool for successful trading for both beginners and professionals. The platform’s users are interested in joint success: expert traders take risks together with the users who copy them and really work on their deals’ efficienсy. Unlike chat’s signals, an expert trader creates real transactions on the platform and is interested in their effectiveness. This is a new stage in the development of the community and trading in particular – do not miss your opportunity and join the community of successful traders with FUMGO!

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