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What is a Trailing buy?

This is how Trailing Buy works in Fumgo.   Imagine Lucky «Doe» John bought ETH for 121$ per coin, and placed trailing order with a deviation of 5%. He expects the price to grow up, yet his fierice coin starts to drop. His Fumgo trading bot does the best thing he could — performs trailing buy order by grabbing that ETH for 98$ per each and holds it.    Now, while shaking John watches how ETH drops low down and then bumps back up, his trading bot throws off ETH for 128$ per single one. If he had adjusted his trading order, and set permission to sell only 60% of the initial budget, then our John can wait a few more moments and tempt the market — In case his ETH grows up to 135, the Fumgo trading bot will sell all the leftovers. 

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