Our vision
We're passionate about crypto. This is why we want to revolutionize the market by making earning on cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone, no matter their level of skill and knowledge of trading and cryptocurrencies. Our primary goal is to create a synergetic community in which crypto traders and crypto enthusiasts will support each other by sharing their expertise and helping each other prosper.
What inspired us
Over the years, we realized that there are some fundamental problems with the crypto trading market that are preventing potential retail investors from entering it. Namely, an average user has neither the experience nor the confidence to trade in crypto; there is no simple single trading interface that, once learned, could provide access to a range of exchanges; traders tend to not trust anyone; and many, many others.
We decided to tackle all of these issues in one go. We have created an environment in which people with any level of awareness about crypto trading, from newbies to seasoned professionals, could exchange ideas and strategies and earn money. With the tools available on our social trading terminal, the help of prescreened, transparently rated PRO traders working with FUMGO, and the support of our community, trading is now effortless, transparent, and more predictable.
Who we are
Founded in 2018, we are a blockchain startup seeking to transform the world through our state-of-the-art financial technology that opens access to the best, most robust and intuitive crypto trading tools and strategies for everyone, everywhere. Being experienced traders and financial and banking professionals, we know which tools work best, so we came up with the idea of uniting the best, most useful features, including our Mirror Trading option, in a single social trading terminal. That was last September, and over the past year we released our product on the European and CIS. We currently have over 1,000 active smart trading users. And we're not stopping here: we will continue developing our social trading features and building up the trading community.
Our overarching goal is to expand the cryptocurrency market by opening the door to earning on crypto trading to everyone
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