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BTC/USDT: “Bloody” Business

Dec 18, 2019

BTC is a focus today as a paradoxical situation is occurring. For several days in a row, the price in the BTC/USDT pair has been showing negative dynamics, but at the same time, someone is actively buying up the currency in large volumes at each drawdown. The lower the price drops, the more long positions are gained on the Bitfinex exchange.

This situation is extremely dangerous because in the case of the or liquidation of the contracts, we will see a historical maximum red candle.

At the moment, entering the market is extremely dangerous and we propose not to bid, as this situation is not subject to any analysis. You need to wait for the culmination of actions on the part of players on the Bitfinex exchange. But if you take chances, be sure to use stop loss and control your risk.

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