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FUMGO launched Mirror Trading

Mar 21, 2019

FUMGO launched Mirror Trading, an investment tool, which helps to make money on trading cryptocurrency without in-depth knowledge in this sphere.

With Mirror Trading, you can copy the trades of expert traders in your account. How does it work? Experienced traders make deals on FUMGO for a certain time. After that, FUMGO verifies and publishes the statistics of their trades on the platform. All FUMGO users can check the records of expert traders before taking decision to subscribe.

Mirror Trading on FUMGO has many advantages over other offers on the market. Unlike Telegram channels that only provide signals for trading, our expert traders make deals and take risks, just as their subscribers do. 

FUMGO expert traders are real people who constantly work on their strategy, taking into account volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Therefore, with Mirror Trading, you can be sure that you are using strategies that meet even sudden market changes.

Moreover, you do not need to transfer funds to a third party account, like in trust management. Your funds remain on your account.

Mirror Trading on FUMGO is an effective investment tool that allows you to earn money on trading without spending a lot of time and effort. Try it!

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