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How to become expert trader on FUMGO

Nov 10, 2019

Our subscribers usually have a lot of questions about smart trading and its capabilities. Today, answering one of them, we’ll talk how to become a pro-trader and monetize your strategies on FUMGO. With the FUMGO help, you can expand your earning possibilities as a trader. Create your own public portfolio, trade according to your strategy and earn easily on subscriptions.

FUMGO: non-custodial terminal for your comfort

FUMGO is a non-custodial trading terminal with a simple, easy-to-understand interface for the most comfortable trading. It is created to be safe working with large amounts of funds. Decide how much to earn on your strategies. You  determine the cost of all processes from A to Z with FUMGO. In addition, we understand the personal data’s value and care your privacy. Only your public information will be available for other users.

How to become a PRO trader with FUMGO

If you want  to become a PRO trader and make your orders available for copying, you need to register, fill up your public trader profile and get verification. Just click on your account  icon and go to the Public Trader Profile section to start this process.

What is Public Trader Portfolio

On this page you will see your portfolio status bar. Thank to it, you can monitor the verification status of your portfolio. When the status bar turns green, your portfolio will be published and become available to subscribe.

You need to fill up an information about yourself first. Choose your public name as a pro-trader, then a short name for url, give a brief information about yourself and share your social networks links. You will gain more trust from potential subscribers if uploading more information to your profile.

Profile Settings: What’s Important

Next, you need to indicate the risk level of your strategy. You can choose a high, low or medium risk level, depending on assets and your trading volumes. For example, if you trade low liquidity coins, they are at high risk. You also have high-risk operations if your Take profit/Stop Loss ratio is less than 1 to 3.

In the next tab, you need to set the USD or BTC subscribe cost to your portfolio. Then go to the account’s settings tab, on which you plan to trade and which will be available for copying. Select the exchange and account, earlier connected to the terminal. Don’t forget to select the base currency you will trade. Only selected account will be available to create orders for copying.

Сhoose an unlimited number of accounts and exchanges to conduct orders. You can add new accounts later if necessary.

After filling up the portfolio, you can check how it will be displayed to users. To do this, click on the “Preview as follower” button. Please note: the open statistics of your trades will be collected only after the verification, therefore zeros will be displayed in the preview.

After all, send the portfolio for verification. Usually the process takes less than 24 hours. If you have additional questions, our manager will contact you and clarify details.

Profile and order creation

After the verification, a free subscription for all the Smart Trading options will be opened for you. However, your portfolio will be hidden from users for several weeks. During this period, you need to create mirror trading transactions, simulating your account as available to users. This is necessary to collect your orders statistics. If during this period no transactions appear in your portfolio, your portfolio won’t be open to users. We ask everybody to approach terminal’s trading responsibly.

To create an order, go to the “Create a deal” section and select “Create a signal.” The standard functionality for creating an order on the platform will be opened. Read how to create an order here

Earnings and withdrawals

After the verification, when your portfolio was published on FUMGO, the Earnings & Payouts tab will be available for you. You can track all your channel’s subscriptions, as well as withdraw your funds. 

Act today! Share strategies for copying, earn from active subscribers and take profits!

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