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How to start trading with Binance DEX?

Sep 16, 2019

Binance DEX is a decentralized exchange, which allows to trade straight from your wallet without the need for АРI keys. All funds are stored in your account that you open on Binance DEX.

To start trading with Binance DEX, you need to first create your wallet to be able to deposit and withdraw funds.

How to create a wallet

On your dashboard, click “Create wallet”

  • You will be redirected to User Profile, Wallet & Accounts tab. On this tab you will see a new wallet and the tools for working with it, namely:
    • Account balance: the total amount of money in your account, in BNB and USD
  • QR code: for quick deposits
  • Wallet number: your unique wallet number used to trade on Binance DEX
  • Withdrawal button: for your to withdraw funds from your BNB wallet to a different wallet address
  • History: your withdrawal transaction history

How to replenish your account balance

There are two options for depositing money in your wallet:

Option 1:

Copy your wallet address and paste it into the withdrawal form on the wallet from which you are planning to transfer the money. This can be done in your dashboard.

You can also access it from your Wallet & Accounts tab.

Option 2:

Transfer money by reading the QR code with your mobile device.

Very important: Sending coins or tokens other than BNB to this address may result in the loss of your deposit.

How to trade on Binance DEX

Trading on Binance DEX is the same as trading on any other exchange integrated with FUMGO.

If you need help, please check our these guides:

  1. How to create an order. This guide is relevant only to Binance DEX, but please keep in mind that this exchange does not offer market orders.
  2. How to create an alert.
  3. How to follow a trader via Mirror Trading.

How to withdraw funds from your wallet

To withdraw money from your wallet, you need to go to you Profile, Wallet & Accounts tab, and click withdraw.

Please note: only BNB coins are available for withdrawal.

In the popup window, please enter the target wallet address and the desired withdrawal amount in BNB.

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