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How to subscribe to the chosen trader

Aug 30, 2019

How to subscribe to the chosen trader

To access the Mirror Trading feature and the advanced statistics for a particular trader, you will need to buy a subscription to his or her channel. If you would like to test the Mirror Trading feature, please subscribe to the free FUMGO channel. This channel is maintained by professional traders from our team.

How to subscribe to a trader:

  1. From your dashboard or the menu on the left, go to the page listing all active traders.

2. Choose the trader, go to their page.

3. Click “Subscribe” on their page.

4. Pay for the subscription to the trader: choose the currency and the payment method. If you do not have a subscription to FUMGO service, you will need to buy it now.

Please note

If you would like to start trading using Mirror Trading, you will need to buy a subscription to FUMGO. If your subscription to FUMGO ends before your subscription to your chosen trader, all automatic copying of new orders will be suspended. All orders initiated before the expiration of your FUMGO subscription will be implemented until all their terms have been completed.

New orders will restart copying when you renew your FUMGO subscription. If you would like to maintain uninterrupted access to Mirror Trading, please keep track of your subscriptions to both the FUMGO terminal and the trader’s channel.

These subscriptions are your only costs. You will never need to pay FUMGO any commissions on completed orders or any other hidden fees. To enjoy FUMGO’s many features you will not need a separate account with us: FUMGO is a non-custodial terminal, and your funds are always kept in your account on your exchanges.


All traders you subscribe to are shown on the subscription page in your profile.

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