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How to use virtual balance

Sep 25, 2019

Trading with virtual balance is perfect for new traders and those who would like to test the terminal’s various features. If you are a newcomer to the market and have never before engaged in trading, we recommend that you start trading with the virtual balance.

How to use virtual balance

  1. Log into your FUMGO account and open the dashboard.
  2. In the upper menu click the “Virtual balance” tab.

3. Read the popup warning and click “Continue.”

Here is what you need to know about the virtual balance on FUMGO:

  • All orders will be open on a demo exchange;
  • You will be trading will virtual money in the amount of 1 BTC;
  • You can use three currencies – BTC, ETH, USDT – and open positions, up to 10 active trades at a time;

You will be able to use most of the terminal’s features but work with your virtual balance of 1 BTC.

With this virtual balance you can open Buy and Sell orders, view trade statistics, manage your orders and do all the same things you would be able to do with real balance. You can learn how to create orders here.

4. To go back to your real balance, go to the “Real balance” tab and click “Go back to real balance.”

Restrictions on working with virtual balance

Please note that several of the platform’s features are unavailable when working with virtual balance. With virtual balance, you cannot try mirror trading. To switch on mirror trading, you will need to go back to real balance. We are planning to add mirror trading with virtual balance in the very near future.

To add a new exchange account or to edit your current account you have to be in the real balance mode.

Please keep in mind that you can only set up and use such features as alerts, notifications, password change and 2-factor authorization, subscription purchases, and Binance DEX trade in the real balance mode.

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