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How to add API-keys

Jan 22, 2019

Welcome to FUMGO!

To start trading with the trading terminal, you need to have an account on an exchange. Getting profit requires having some funds on your wallet. Currently FUMGO supports trading on Binance, Bittrex and HitBTC. Other leading exchanges are coming soon.

Connect your accounts to FUMGO

STEP 1. Click on the user icon in the upper right corner, and switch to “User profile”.

STEP 2. In the main block “Accounts” click on the blue button “Add account”.

STEP 3. You have to specify the following:

1. Select an exchange, you want to add

2. Enter the public API key generated on the exchange

3. Enter the private API key generated on the exchange

4. Enter the name of the account

API-keys are used by FUMGO to gather data and place trades.
Using APIs allows you to manage your accounts on different exchanges from one place – FUMGO trading terminal.
You will be able to revoke access at any time.

STEP 4. Make sure all fields are filled correctly and click on the button “Add Account”

How to create API-keys on exchanges?




Huobi Global



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