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How to manage Mirror Trading transactions

Aug 30, 2019

Once you subscribed to your chosen trader’s channel and set your limits, you can view all of your trader’s orders. They can be tracked on your trader’s page, “Channel statistics” block, “All orders” tab.

This table will show all of your trader’s orders as well as the detailed statistics on your exchange. This information is available only after you subscribe to the trader’s channel.

The left column in the Orders table shows the status of each order in your account:

  1. “Mirror Trading is not connected” means that the service is either not connected or not set up.

2. The “Missed” status is shown in the following situations:

  • You have insufficient balance in your account on the exchange;
  • The step amount in the Take Profit/Stop Loss is smaller than the permitted balance on the exchange. This error occurs when the Stop Loss, Take Profit step targets are smaller than the permitted minimum transaction amount at your chosen exchange;
  • The total order amount you have set up has been reached.

3. The “Error” status indicates that an error occurred when completing the order. To find out the details, please mouseover over the status. If the reason is not specified or if the error continues to occur, please contact our customer service by sending an email to [email protected] or via LIVECHAT by clicking the link in the side navigation panel.

4. The “In progress” status means that the order has been successfully copied and is being completed.

6. The “Completed” status means that the order has been successfully copied and closed via Take Profit/Stop Loss.

The orders which have been created in your account via Mirror Trading can be seen in your “My orders” tab.

To go to the page showing the details of the transaction, click the order you would like to view.

If your like to stop copying orders, you can do so at any time. Simply click the “Disconnect” button in your “Mirror Trading” section. This will stop copying new orders, while the orders created earlier will be completed on their own terms.

If you would like to stop an active order, go to its page and click “Cancel.”

Similarly to any other type of trading, Mirror Trading does not guarantee constant stream of income.
If you would like to minimize your trading risks, we recommend that you read our step-by-step instructions on how to choose your trader.

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