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How to set an alert?

Apr 15, 2019

STEP 1. Click on “Alerts” in the sidebar

STEP 2. Set the parameters of your alert:

1. Choose an exchange, where you want to track the price. Note, that you can track prices even on those exchanges where you don’t have a registered account.

2. Choose a trading pair.

3. Effective price will be instantly displayed in “CURRENT PRICE”.

4. Specify the priсe level you want to get an alert at. You can set the price in two ways:

  • Enter the exact price you need into “SET TARGET PRICE” field, or
  • Set the price change in percentage with “PRICE DEVIATION” slider. You will get an alert when/if the price deviates by the required percentage.

STEP 3. Press the “Set Alert” button.

You can delete an irrelevant alert by pressing “X” on the far right side

STEP 4. In order to get alerts – connect your Telegram account to FUMGO.

1. Press “Connect Telegram” in User Profile.

2. You will be redirected to the Telegram web page, press “Send message”.

3. Click “start” in the chat with FUMGO bot. You will receive a message that your account is successfully connected.

You can skip 1 and 2 and just search for @FUMGO_BOT in Telegram.


Make sure that Telegram and/or Email checkboxes are ticked in Notifications in your User Profile

Attention! Make sure your Telegram isn’t muted.

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