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How to set User Profile

Apr 10, 2019

Choose User Profile in the right upper part of the page. On this page you can:

  • view your personal information

  • change password

  • enable or disable two-factor authentication

  • add or delete existing accounts on crypto exchanges

  • connect your Telegram account to receive notifications

  • enable or disable notifications for Telegram and email

  • Personal details

    On the start page you can see your personal details:

    • your email
    • your profile picture (if you have already added it)

    From this page you can also get to “Security settings” page.

    Security settings

    On this page you can:

    1. Change your current password

    2. Enable or disable two-factor authentication.

    Change password

    The main way to protect your account is to create a strong password, using in numbers, symbols, upper and lower case letters.

    To change the password:

    • specify current password
    • enter new password
    • confirm new password and  click “Save password”. Your password has been changed!

    Two-factor authentication

    An additional level of security provides a more efficient protection of your account from unauthorized access. For this purpose, the platform provides 2FA.

    By connecting this function, you will significantly increase security of your account.

    To connect 2FA:

    1.Install the Google Authenticator or similar app. Select the application that is suitable for your phone’s operating system.

    2.Open the Google Authenticator application on your mobile phone, click on the red plus in the lower right corner. You need to:

    • scan QR code or  enter your secret key

    3.Google Authenticator app will display  the account name ( as well as  6-digit code.

    4.Enter the code in the “Аuthenticator code” field  and click “Enable 2FA”.

    Now 2FA is enabled and your account is highly secure.

    Note! Each time you log in, you will need to enter the 6-digit code that will be available in the Google Authenticator application.


    When connecting 2FA, save the “Secret Key”.

    In case of a phone change (breakdown, loss), to restore the access to your FUMGO account you will need to download Google Authenticator or similar app, enter your security key.

    To disable 2FA:

    enter the 6-digit code in the “Authenticator code” field on the Security settings page.

    Click “Disable 2FA”.

    Add or delete existing accounts on crypto exchanges

    In the Accounts field you can:

    • view the list of all connected accounts
    • connect a new account
    • delete any of the added accounts
    • edit the title of already added accounts

    If you have not added any accounts yet, you will see the message “CONNECT AN  ACCOUNT”. Then feel free to click the “To start trading” button and follow the instructions for adding accounts.

    Please note that for security reasons, it is not possible to change API keys.

    You only can delete API keys and add them again.

    Connect your Telegram account to receive notifications

    To receive notifications in Telegram, click “Connect Telegram”

    You will be redirected to the Telegram web page, press “Send message”.

    Click “start” in the chat with FUMGO bot.

    You will receive a message that your account is successfully connected.

    Enable or disable notifications for Telegram and email

    You can set up the notifications you need for Email and Telegram, such as:

    • Filled Orders
    • Order Errors
    • Canceled Orders
    • Alerts

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